Microsoft's ERP solution for SMB

Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics® 365 Business Central ERP solution to power your entire business on one system, supplied by the experts. 

What is Business Central?

Dynamics 365 Business Central provides an all-in-one software solution to help you manage all of your business and make informed strategic decisions.  

Through a partnership with Dynamics Consultants, we can help your company utilise modern software tools to help you grow seamlessly and become a business that inspires others to follow.

Your entire business run on Business Central

A Single, Comprehensive Solution

Deploy a single, comprehensive solution by automatically pulling systems and processes together to manage financials, sales, service, and operations.

Connect seamlessly with business tools such as payroll, banking, CRM, or industry-specific systems for a fully integrated solution. 

functionality for every area of your business

Why Business Central?

With a full range of integrated functionality, you can manage your company whilst getting an end-to-end view of the business operations. As part of the Microsoft business software eco-system, Business Central integrates with tools such as Power BI, Microsoft flow and many more to provide a fully integrated system. Click on see more to see Business Central with enhanced capabilities. 

Manage Your Finances

  • Chart of Accounts and Journals
  • Ordering and Invoicing
  • Dimensional Analysis
  • Posting Groups
  • Excel Integration

Manage Your Supply Chain

  • Inventory and Purchasing Control
  • Shipment and Distribution
  • Returns and Cancellations
  • Procurement and Vendor Management
  • AI for stock control

Sell Smarter

  • Cash to Quote through Outlook
  • Contact Management
  • Sales Invoicing
  • Opportunity Management
  • Campaigns and Segmentation

Service and Support

  • Run your support desk with call log
  • Manage service contracts
  • Allocate resource to service calls
  • Log time and bill against service calls
  • Review service call levels
See the product in action

Business Central Demo

Want to see how Business Central looks? Want to see some of the key functionality, as well as the integration with other tools such as Teams and Outlook?

We have created a full page of demonstration videos so that you can get more of a feel for how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central looks and feels. 

Accelerated Business Central

Accelerated Business Central

If the step up to a big system seems like a lot - financially, complexity and the time involved - then Accelerated Business Central is for you. 

ABC is a standardised "out of the box" implementation of Business Central. The fixed scope allows a low cost and fast implementation, but does not limit you to grow and change things in the future. 

Engineered to Order Project

Engineered to Order Project

Get a fully featured, integrated Business Central implementation, setup to your exact requirements. Run your business your way, and become the leader in your market.

Due to our processes, experience and modern development tools, you will not see any of the traditional issues with bespoke ERP systems. In fact, we are so confident in what we do, we offer a fixed scope fixed price guarantee.

To get an idea of how much it will cost, check out our Business Central pricing calculator.

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