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Manufacturing Software Solutions

Manufacturing software solutions as part of your ERP, a Business Central solution integrated with the whole business, so that your operations are in line with the needs of the company. With streamlining, quality control and planning, you can improve efficiency, increase output and reduce wastage, whilst having greater control on your manufacturing processes.

Manufacturing companies are all individuals, but they have similar problems!

The Issues Facing Manufacturing Operations

As experts in applying business software solutions for manufacturers, with manufacturing and operations managers on our team, we understand the issues that you and your business faces. 

Visibility and Flexibility

There is a constant struggle operationally for manufacturers to match their output with requirements, whether that is with a just-in-time philosophy, or manufacturing to stock. With an integrated experience for the whole business, in conjunction with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a wide array of best in breed reporting, you will have greater visibility and forecasting of requirements. 

Utilising capacity planning, finite loading and visual production planning, you will have the flexibility to manage your shop floor requirements in real time. This means that not only will you have the efficiency of quality planning, but will allow you to react to changes in need. 

Lost Control?

When managing manufacturing processes to suit business demands, control is vital. With the right software tools to manage your processes, no matter how complex, you will be able to control the whole production process. 

Once you have the production line operating smoothly, stay on top of quality control with quality checking processes. 

Manage downtime with pre-determined maintenance schedules, to make sure your work centres are operating when you need them. 

Efficiency, wastage and yield

Manufacturing is not just about making sure that products are available when they are needed. It's about controlling costs, such as with wastages. How do you get the best yield out of your materials?

Manage your processes, see where the wastages come in the process. See which staff, workstations and processes are the most efficient with yield and overall output. 

Plan and Manage Production

Plan and Manage Production

Make sure that you have the right tools to manage your production line:

  • Graphical production planning
  • Assembly Orders
  • Materials Requirements Planning
  • Supply Chain Planning (SCP)
  • Capacity Planning
  • Finite Loading
  • Machine Centres
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Perfect Your Manufacturing

Perfect Your Manufacturing

Manufacturing is just like business - a constant cycle of updating, adapting and perfecting. But how do you know what to change and whether it is working?

  • Document control and change management
  • Workflows and automation
  • Quality management
  • Reporting and KPI dashboards
  • Maintenance routines
  • IOT measurement and reporting
  • Integrated data from around the business
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Manufacturing Reporting

Production Bill of Materials (BOM)

Production Order Management

Agile Manufacturing

Supply Chain Planning (SCP)

Demand Forecasting

Capacity Planning

Machine Centres

Finite Loading

Graphical Production Scheduling

Quality Management

Production Order Management

Sub Assemblies

Shop Floor Data Capture

Informed in your department and around your business

Manufacturing Reporting

Get a clear picture of your manufacturing operations through live or daily updated reporting dashboards. Schedule reports, or run them at a click of a button, so that you can have a clear understanding of requirements levels, stock of components and the progress of production orders. Get an understanding where in your processes you are performing well and where you need to minimise wastage of time and product. 

With a fully integrated system, warehouse reporting to other departments is fast and simple, and can even be automated. Now, your sales, finance and management teams can get the information that they need, without you having to spend hours collating disparate data. 

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