Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to nopCommerce Integration

nopCentral - Business Central - nopCommerce Integration

Reduce your workload and increase sales by integrating your back office system with your e-Commerce web shop. Our integration connects Microsoft Dynamics® 365 Business Central with nopCommerce to allow automatic updates of products, inventory pricing and orders.

nopCommerce and Business Central integrated

How the Integration Works

The Business Central to nopCommerce Integration is designed to improve efficiency and accuracy by transferring data between the two systems.


Product information from Business Central is automatically uploaded to the website, These include:

  • Item attributes
  • Pricing
  • Descriptions


Every time stock changes in Business Central an update for stock will be pushed to the website so that the website is as close to accurate as possible.

This means that if stock is sold through other channels, the website will stay up to date.


Orders from the website are “fetched” by Business Central on a configurable timescale. The order is processed and a shipment created automatically within Business Central, which then updates the order on the nopCommerce platform.

Business Central to e-Commerce Integration Design Features

As experts in both Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and e-Commerce platforms, such as nopCommerce, we have designed this product to be both flexible and easy to set-up.

  • Minimal Impact on Business Central - Easy to merge with custom development
  • Works on Developed Systems - Designed to cope with bespoke development in either Business Central or nopCommerce through the use of a field mapping file
  • Secure - Data is pushed and pulled from Business Central, no need to expose Business Central to the Internet
  • Flexible Attributes - Simple to add new attributes (e.g. Disk size, CPU type)

Need an e-Commerce Webshop to Sell Online?

If you do not have an e-Commerce website, we can provide an “off-the-shelf” solution, e-Commerce Essential. Alternatively, our expert team of web developers can provide you with a bespoke solution to suit your business.

Contact Us to Find Out More

Contact our friendly and experienced team to discuss your requirements for integrating your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution with your e-Commerce platform.

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