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The Business Central Training Centre is a resource that will help you to access training materials, news and updates for Microsoft Dynamics® 365 Business Central.

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Business Central has vast and in-depth capabilities. Depending on your experience, you may need help on how to use the software in general to needing reminders on how to do activities that you only do periodically.

We include training as part of every implementation, however if you require training on your system, please contact us to get more information. We have also created the Business Central Training Centre, so that you can access a wide variety of training videos and FAQs for free.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Training

Business Central Training Videos

Learn how to use Business Central with our Dynamics 365 Business Central training videos.

Master Data

  • Explore contact master data
  • Review customer master data
  • Explore vendor master data
  • Get to know the item master data
  • Deleting master data
  • How to handle personal data

Financial Management Setup

  • Introduction to setting up number series
  • Assign a number series
  • Set up and assign specific posting groups
  • Set up and assign inventory posting groups
  • General posting groups
  • Configure the general posting setup
  • Dimensions

Introduction to Chart of Accounts and Journals

  • Set up general journal templates
  • General Journal batches
  • Creating Journal entries
  • Process Journal entries
  • Standard Journal
  • Reverse Journal entries
  • Recurring Journals
  • Introduction to Chart of Accounts

Invoicing Customers

  • Invoicing Customers
  • Invoicing a sales order
  • Invoicing multiple shipments
  • Prepayment No. series
  • Assigning prepayment percentages
  • Process prepayment invoices

Financial Reporting

  • Intrastat
  • Close a fiscal year
  • Account schedules
  • Export your account schedule to Excel
  • Introduction to the G/L balance by dimension report
  • Analysis views
  • Cash flow forecasts

Bank and Payment Reconciliation

  • Bank Account Reconciliation
  • Importing Bank Statements
  • Payment Reconciliation Journal
  • Set up payment application rules
  • Currency exchange rates and services
  • Assign currencies to customers, vendors, and bank accounts

Purchase Documents

  • Manage vendors
  • Sales and receivables setup
  • Purchases and payables setup
  • Purchase quotes, orders and blanket orders
  • Receive items
  • Invoices, purchase prices, special prices and discounts
  • Item charges

Stock Inventory and Item Planning

  • Set up locations
  • Inventory setup
  • Requisition worksheet and planning worksheet
  • Plan items with the fixed reorder quantity reordering policy
  • Plan items with the maximum quantity reordering policy
  • Planning and replenishment

Returns Management

  • Set up sales return order management
  • Set up purchase return order management
  • Return reasons
  • Return defective items to vendors
  • Register a compensation agreement with a vendor
  • Apply exact cost reversing

Sales Documents

  • Invoice from a purchase order
  • Suggest vendor payments
  • Quotes and Orders
  • Offer similar products to your customers
  • Map multiple references to an item
  • Create purchasing codes
  • Drop shipments
  • Invoice and Shipping
  • Sales prices 
  • Bulk edit the unit price on the item card
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central FAQs

Business Central Frequently Asked Questions

Answer your questions for Business Central.

Business Central Technical Setup FAQs

  • Managing user licenses for SaaS BC
  • Lost connection to TEST environment
  • "Cannot load in instance of the following .NET Framework Object" error
  • SQL Server RAM Allocation
  • System Indicator
  • Common SMTP Error Emailing with Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Checking use of the correct client between 32 and 64 bit

Business Central Personalisation FAQs

  • Assigning Permissions
  • How to apply a personalisation to the whole department
  • Default Dimension Priorities
  • How can I set up default permission sets for a department
  • Showing a user’s last used report settings




Business Central System Setup FAQs

  • Posting dates error
  • Verifying that the correct language has been set
  • Change Work Date
  • Report layout showing incorrectly
  • How to set up a Number Series
  • Multiple copies printing when printing from NAV and B




Business Central Usage FAQs

  • Page Inspection
  • Zoom (about this page) in BC
  • Keyboard Short-Cuts
  • Listing showing <Select a measure> instead of details
  • Next and Back Buttons on Documents
  • Stacking Pages in Business Central
  • Table Lock Error
  • Using Fact Boxes
  • Changing current company in NAV and BC
  • Job Queue Entries Stopped
  • How to find an error stack in BC SaaS
  • Blank lines on balance sheet

Business Central Finance FAQs

  • Create Fiscal Year
  • Updating previously submitted periods.
  • How to adjust or extend Accounting Periods
  • Which G/L accounts should not have direct posting allowed?
  • Posting Reversing Journals
  • Finding Linked Documents
  • "Nothing to post” Error on Reversing Journals
  • EU VAT Registration No. Now not including UK


Business Central Sales and Purchasing FAQs

  • No Demand on Requisition Worksheet
  • Undo Posted Receipt - Reopen an order with a posted receipt
  • Viewing Availability of Items
  • When to use Sales Order Returns or Credit Memos
  • Reservation Entry does not exist error



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