What’s New in Business Central 2024 Wave 1

Business Central has a 6-month major release cycle. With Microsoft investing massively in not only Microsoft Dynamics® 365 Business Central, but also the rest of the Dynamics and Microsoft 365 platforms, the new era of Copilot AI is starting to add a new level of excitement to the feature updates.

What’s New in Business Central 2024 Wave 1

Business Central 2024 Wave 1 Overview Webinar

We recently held a customer webinar to give an overview of some of the features of the latest release of Business Central. There are an increasing number of updates in the product as Microsoft invests heavily into its flagship ERP product. As such, we took some highlight functionality updates, which you can watch here:

Microsoft In-Depth What’s New Videos

For the first time in recent years, Microsoft have invested in a large number of in-depth videos for the functionality updates. The following are links to videos that they have created, which we have separated into useful sections.

Business Central and Copilot AI

Copilot AI is Microsoft’s cover name for all things AI, which being added around the Microsoft ecosystem. Coming to Business Central, Copilot is not only helping with productivity, but allowing people to really understand what is going on with a holistic view of the system.

Business Central Functionality updates

From Shopify integration improvements to updates to finance and service management, there are a wide range of functionality updates across the software.

Dynamics 365 Integration

Over the last year or so, Microsoft have been putting a lot of work into making Business Central easily compatible with the rest of the Dynamics 365 suite of products, as well as improving power platform capabilities.  

Copilot for your meetings

We have been trying out various tools that Microsoft have been releasing to get a feel of difficult or easy they are to setup and use, and what the benefits are. In particular, we have been using the Copilot Teams AI functionality. This allows us to have a recording and transcript, as well as creating meeting summaries with action points. It is something that we think pretty much every business can get benefits from these tools. Please contact us to discuss licensing and how you can get set up.

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