Integrated e-Commerce with Your ERP

Business Central to Shopify Integration

A standard connection from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to Shopify allows for an improved customer buying experience whilst making it considerably easier to upload products and process orders. 

Best in breed ERP and e-Commerce

Business Central and Shopify

Business Central is Microsoft's leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, helping companies manage every area of their business, from stock and warehousing to finance and invoicing. 

Shopify is the world's leading e-Commerce platform, with millions of merchants worldwide. 

Multi-Store Integration

Connect to multiple storefronts from one Business Central system.

Sync Customers

New customers to the website will automatically sync to the Business Central system. Existing customers can be pushed to the Shopify Site.

Items (Products)

Items in Business Central sync with products in Shopify, including a wide range of product details. 

Inventory (stock)

Synchronise stock levels from your warehouse locations, so that the web store is up to date. Orders then update the system and in turn re-adjusts available inventory levels. 

Sales Orders

Orders on the store are automatically turned into Business Central sales orders, allowing orders to follow your standard processes

Find out about how you can have integrated e-Commerce

What is the Business Central to Shopify Connector?

Business Central now connects to Shopify using a standard connection. In this video we show how the connection is made and how products and orders flow between the two systems. 

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