Need to change Microsoft Partner?

We work with a lot of companies that need to change their Microsoft Partner for a wide variety of reasons, but the most typical reasons are:

  • Technical capability – the existing partner does not have the technical ability to deliver
  • Relationship – the partner does not understand your needs
  • Poor support response
  • Project failure/over-run
  • Just fancy trying something new!

If you are looking for a new partner, why not talk to us?

Dynamics Consultants have been incredibly helpful, turning our fairly unusable installation into a tool that will help us build the business. Our system now runs smoothly and quickly.
Customer Project Manager

New Dynamics Support Partner

If you have an issue with your business software system, it could be mission critical. The team's friendly approach and fast turn-around of support issues allows you to operate with peace of mind. If you cannot wait for your existing support contract to end, we will add up to 3 months of free coverage depending on your support end date if you sign up for an annual all-in support contract.

Project Rescue

If you are struggling with an implementation or development project for Microsoft Dynamics® 365 Business Central, perhaps we can help rescue the project? With over 300 years of collective experience, we can work with you to understand what has been achieved so far and what needs to be done. We would then use our structure processes to get you back on track and ensure a project success.

Have a Tough Problem to Solve?

Its fair to say that some problems are harder than others, and some businesses have some unusual requirements. Some partners are not set up to provide solutions to problems that need highly technical solutions.

From very high transaction solutions to complex serial numbers, our development and consultancy teams include some of the most experienced people in the industry.

If you need to implement new specialist functionality, perhaps we can help.

A nice team of people

Are you just looking for “a change of scenery” with your NAV partner? We are a professional but friendly team of people with a lot of experience. As an unusually diverse company for an IT business, we attract the best from around the world to join our team.

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