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Custom ERP Software Solutions Pain Free

Custom ERP software solutions have traditionally been associated with a wide range of issues. As such, the market has gone towards "off the shelf" solutions. However, custom ERP systems are still needed by businesses that want to have that competitive edge or to operate in niche markets. So we did something radical; we solved the custom ERP problems.

Traditional Issues with Customised ERP Solutions

Software is designed to work in a specific way, and so software development to change it to suit your business may seem like the best option. However, customising your ERP solution has traditionally come with a series of problems. 

Time To Implement

Expensive Outlay

Project Cost Creep

Lack of Understanding Requirements

Longevity/Upgradeability of Customisations

Can't Develop in the Cloud

Off the shelf ERP won't do

Why Bespoke is Better than Boxed

Most businesses share the same building blocks, and so are typically 70-95% “standard”. However, the 5-30% non-standard is the individuality for the needs of your industry an/or your unique way of delivering.

The problem with off the shelf ERP solutions

  • You can’t differentiate the way you operate
  • You cannot innovate with new systems
  • Your business process is beholding to the software and can't easily change beyond that

Solving Bespoke ERP with Dynamics Consultants

Whilst the majority of the market is accepting the off-the-shelf ERP issues as the only solution, Dynamics Consultants has taken another path; actually solving the traditional issues of bespoke systems. With a wealth of experience to actually know what it takes to deliver an ERP project successfully, and an open and honest approach to projects, you will feel confident about the long-term success of our partnership. 

Proven Processes

Proven Processes

With processes built on Microsoft's Surestep implementation methodology, we have over 400 years combined experience in delivering Dynamics ERP solutions. Through project management and expert design, we will work with you to give you exactly what you need. 

Utilising our custom build job management system (built in Business Central) connected to our customer portals, we are able to prioritise and schedule work to make sure that projects are delivered in a timely manner. 

Understanding Your Requirements

Understanding Your Requirements

Our onboarding process, from your initial enquiry to starting the implementation, is a voyage of discovery. We spend the time to get to truly understanding your business, so that we look at your existing business and where you want it to be and design the system around that.

We also include a paid for exercise for functional requirements gathering, which is performed before we provide final quotations. As part of this, you will receive a report of your requirements, so that you can be sure that we have understood your needs. 

Fixed Price for a Fixed Scope

Fixed Price for a Fixed Scope

With an expert understanding of your requirements, we will detail the scope of your project and provide a fixed price quotation. Due to the nature of projects like this, some large/complex development work can only be given a budget price until they have been fully investigated. However, we will work in an open way to give you the most accurate understanding of the potential costs.

With this methodology, we have a proven track record for implementing ERP systems to customer budgets to provide you with peace of mind. 

Customisable Solution

Customisable Solution

Business Central has always been a customisable solution, which means that a lot of flexibility comes in the general setup of the system without the need for development.

However, if development is required, the extensions methodology means that even SaaS solutions can be bespoke. With our development maintenance offering, you will have the safety that updates to the system will be compatible with your customisations.

Development by Extensions

Development by Extensions

Historically, development was done by changing the main code in the software. Now that we have moved into a world led by SaaS, Business Central has changed to being customised by extensions.

This means that with the 6 monthly update cycle from Microsoft, there is no longer the huge upheaval of a big upgrade. 

Repeatable Solutions

Repeatable Solutions

Whilst customisations allow businesses to stand out from the crowd, we have worked on making implementing many areas of the system repeatable or templated to reduce the outlay. We also use proven solutions that are specifically designed for Business Central so that you can have tools such as barcode scanning, automated invoice matching and much more with an out of the box implementation. 

In this way, you can have customisations to make your business special, without having to pay for a completely customised system. 

Time to get a Custom ERP Without All of the Problems

Ready to Get Started with a New ERP Solution?

Now that you know that you can get a customised Business Central ERP solution without any of the traditional pains, its time to start building your business to stand out. 

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