What is Microsoft Dynamics NAV?

Microsoft Dynamics NAV was Microsoft's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for the SMB market. As their most successful business management software, with a range of functionality including finance, sales, warehousing, manufacturing and service management. 

In 2018, the product went through a big transformation, modernising the platform to allow for future technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and integration with the other Microsoft business tools. This transformation came with a new brand - Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. 

Dynamics NAV - do you have an outdated system?

Dynamics NAV, formerly Navision, went through a big change in 2018. This change included a rebrand to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a family of business management software solutions that includes everything from ERP, sales, marketing and HR. As a family it covers tools for everything from SMB solutions to large Enterprise platforms (find out about them here). 

Business Central and Your Future

Dynamics NAV is now out of mainstream support, which means that you only have access to extended support updates (essentially limited to security updates) as per the Fixed Lifestyle Policy. Long-term this leaves you at risk on functionality, such as new legislation functionality. Here we will look at your different options with your Microsoft Dynamics NAV system. 

Dynamics NAV Support

Get helpful and friendly Microsoft Dynamics NAV support in the UK from the experts. We know that the time and money for new systems needs to be planned. Whilst you are running your system, you still need expert support, and our experienced team are able to help you with legacy Dynamics NAV systems. If you require any changes to your existing system, we will be able to then provide any consultancy and development services. 

Upgrades and Re-Implementations

Want to upgrade to the latest version of the software - Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central? Contact our team to talk about your licenses, upgrade vs implementation and what is different/new. 

Help! I need NAV help!

Not Sure About Your NAV System?

If you are still not sure what you need to be doing, or you want help making a decisions, please do not hesitate to contact our helpful and friendly team. We always try to do what is best for your business, and so you know we will offer you honest and reliable advice. 

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