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What is Microsoft Dynamics NAV?

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a versatile and robust Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software platform which provides the tools for your employees to be more effective in their various defined roles across your entire company. The system is fast to implement, easy to configure and simple to use which ensures the installation has a limited impact on the day to day running of your business.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is much more than just a finance package, it is a complete business management solution that manages your entire company in one unified and functional system. All of the vital operational areas within a company are linked and supported with a range of tools and features to make each role in each department more efficient.

With finance at the core of the solution, implement only the areas of the system that you need to use. As you grow you can implement the other areas as you require them. 

Dynamics NAV has modules to cover every area of a business. We will implement only the areas that you require and then implement further functionality as your business requires it. Dynamics NAV is designed to help your company grow seamlessly. 

The system is easy to customise and can be tailored to fit exactly how your business works. You get a solution to your business management needs that perfectly fits the scope of your business, exactly as you need it. Dynamics NAV has its own development environment with rules on how to develop the system to allow customisations that are easily supported and upgraded. One of our directors is also one of the leading and most experienced developers of NAV in the industry, regularly providing training to other partners. 

Dynamics NAV integrates all of your crucial business applications together showing a notable increase in productivity and ensuring your business remains competitive. Enter your data once and it will be available around the business as required. 

Dynamics NAV Functionality

All key functions in your business are covered by the functionality of Dynamics NAV including:

Financial Management in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Financial Management

Financial Management incorporates all areas of your accounting and business processes.


Manufacture the right products, in the right quantities, at the right time, whilst measuring profitability.

Warehousing in Microsoft Dynamics NAV


Connect information from across the organization and increase visibility throughout the supply chain.

Service Management in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Service Management

Respond quickly to customer service requests, organise resources and boost service support satisfaction. 

Project Management in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Project Management

Plan and manage jobs and projects with support for budgeting, billing and resource management. 

Sales and Marketing CRM in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Sales and Marketing

Get true insight into your sales and marketing activities whilst helping your staff increase productivity.

Business intelligence (BI) in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Business intelligence (BI)

Business Intelligence solutions are becoming essential to operations rather than just an ideal optional extra.

Human Resource Management in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Human Resource

Enable your staff to take control of demanding Human Resources (HR) processes to ensure accuracy.

How to Buy Dynamics NAV

Dynamics NAV is available only through approved NAV partners such as Dynamics Consultants. Projects involve purchasing licences and setting up the system to suit your requirements. We can be flexible on your requirements, however typically the steps involved to choosing NAV include:

Initial discussion of requirements

Speak to one of our expert Business Partnership team to discuss your overall business requirements and to get an idea of what NAV can do for you. We can typically give you a ballpark figure and discuss whether your budget is in line with the requirements. 

Meeting and Demo

After some discussions of what you need to see, our business partnership team will be able to provide you with a demonstration of the products, from look and feel to specific areas of the system. We will typically get to know enough of your requirements after this to provide you with a budgetary quotation.

Functional Requirements Investigation

This is a paid for exercise to determine the exact requirements of the business, which will typically take from a couple of days to a week. We will then write a Functional Requirements Document (FRD) which will be applicable to your business and useful to any supplier should you choose another solution. We will also highlight the gaps in the standard NAV functionality, if any, and provide information of development or third party solutions to meet these requirements. Based on this we will be able to provide you with a full quotation for your requirements. 

Our Services

With any project, it is the quality of work and the experience of those providing it that makes the difference between a successful implementation and a failed project. Dynamics Consultants subscribe to Microsoft's proven methodology for implementing a system. 

Implementing Business Central Software


When implementing a software system to manage your whole business, you need the confidence that your supplier has the experience and processes to get the project done

Microsoft Dynamics and Office 365 Training in Hampshire


Microsoft Dynamics NAV(Navision) and SharePoint training by the experts at Dynamics Consultants, Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom at our rooms or online

Dynamics 365 Business Central Support in the UK

Business Central Support

Get helpful and friendly Dynamics 365 Business Central support in the UK from the experts.

Integrating business software solutions


Dynamics Consultants focusses on bringing together an integrated business software solution, and as such works with a wide range of platforms and tools to integrate and bring together capability

Performance Review

Performance Review

Keep your systems performing optimally, with your staff getting the most out of your business software solution.

Need to change Business Central Microsoft partner

Change Your Microsoft Partner

We work with a lot of companies that need to change their Microsoft Partner for a wide variety of reasons, from technical capability to the support response. 

I find their approach to our relationship very professional whilst being refreshingly realistic. We now consider them to be part of our team

Technical Director, Bainbridge International

Partner with the Experts

With over 300 years of combined experience in Microsoft business solutions, our team will help to get you up and running, as well as building a partnership that keeps you supported, all from our UK offices. 

From functionality and licensing to business strategy, we like your questions; contact our experienced team for open, honest and reliable advice so that we can find the answers.