Tasklet Factory Mobile WMS for Microsoft Dynamics

The Mobile WMS (Warehouse Management Solution) is designed to integrate mobile barcoding functionality with Microsoft Dynamics® 365 Business Central. This allows warehouse employees to process orders with an increased level of accuracy.

  • Full Turnkey Solution
  • Works online and offline 
  • Increase accuracy and productivity
  • Easy to use and configurable on a user level
  • Scan a variety of barcode formats

Proven Technology with a Range of Features

See the Tasklet Factory Demo here:

Offline Functionality – The solution is designed to work offline for when there is limited connectivity in warehouse locations. The data is then synced with Business Central when connection is restored, providing seamless functionality.

User Friendly – Mobile WMS is designed to be as easy to use as possible, with a focus on minimizing the number of clicks required for any particular function. The ease of use functionality means that user training and adoption time are massively reduced.

Reduce Paperwork – Mobile WMS allows you to extend the paper free office into a paper free business. With a fully automated electronic process you save time and reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary paperwork.

Flexible and Adaptable – Covering all standard functionality, Mobile WMS is designed to be easily extendable for custom functionality. All modifications are done from within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Mobile WMS Functionality

The solution provides a full range of mobile functionality, including:

Receive  Bin Content Print Label
Put Away Quantity  Box Picking 
Pick Locate Item  Bulk Move 
Count Substitute Items  Shipping
Move Item Cross Reference  
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