Improve employee experience and get results

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Microsoft's HR tool for SMB and Enterprise

What is Dynamics 365 Human Resource?

Dynamics 365 Human Resource helps to drive a high performance culture by improving employee experience, giving them the tools that they need to perform their roles, skills growth and much more. Using Microsoft's HR tool, you can reduce staff turnover and improve performance.

Human Resources within Microsoft Teams

Provide a seamless employee experience with the Microsoft Teams integration. Employees can easily view time-off balances and submit leave requests right where they are.

Dogma Group Partners

Human Resources Demonstration

With a strong partnership ethos at Dynamics Consultants, we believe in getting the best people to do a job. This is why we partner with the Dogma Group for their capabilities in implementing Dynamics 365 Human Resource. Watch the demo here, and contact us for an introduction to the Dogma Group. 

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