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Customer Relationship Management from Business Central

Managing the relationship with your customers is more than just keeping a database of your contacts. Microsoft Dynamics® 365 Business Central has a full CRM module that allows you to get true insight into your sales and marketing activities whilst helping your staff to improve the work that they do. Create full sales processes with opportunity management and improve marketing efficiency with integrated sales and marketing statistics. 

Business Central CRM Functionality

Business Inbox for Outlook   Contact Management   Opportunity Management  
Campaign Management   Dynamics 365 Sales Integration^   Relationship Management  
Campaign Pricing   Email Logging   Task Management  
Contact Classification   Interaction / Document Management    

^Requires Dynamics 365 license

Opportunity Management

The best way of getting the most out of your sales team is a structured approach. Manage your sales leads "opportunities" with specific sales cycles for different product types, market sectors or customer classifications. Through actual figures, measure what processes work best, improve your responses and get an opportunity timeline for potential future business. 

Measured Marketing

Segment Your Contacts

Create a segment of your contacts based on the data in your system, whether it is sales performance, market sector or geographic location, you are able to filter your contacts in many ways allowing you to truly target your marketing campaigns.

Campaign Management

Set up marketing campaigns with a structured process, which can be linked with segments, discounts and offers as well as sales performance.

Measure Your Success

Using links between data in your integrated ERP, create reports and charts on both costs and successes of marketing campaigns.

Power BI Reporting and Business Central

Get intelligent analysis and actionable insights using Microsoft Power BI. Connecting to your Financial data from across the business, you can have interactive dashboards to help you to make important financial decisions.

Part of a fully integrated CRM solution

CRM functionality is part of the standard functionality in Business Central, however it is only part of the CRM capability on offer. Integration with the Dynamics 365 for Sales and for Markting capabilty extends your capability, whilst utilising modern tools such as AI and the Power Suite your business can provide cutting edge sales and marketing to your business. 

CRM as part of Business Central

The CRM capability shown here is part of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central software solution - an all in one ERP solution with functionality to run every area of your business. 

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