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User Manual

How to install DC Feefo

Having a Feefo account is necessary for this plugin. We are a registered Feefo Partner, speak to us if you would like an account set up.

Installing the plugin

Upload the plugin to the /plugins folder in your nopCommerce directory.

Restart your application (or click 'Reload list of plugins' button).

Scroll down through the list of plugins to find the newly installed plugin.

Click on the 'Install' link to install the plugin.

Note: If you're running nopCommerce in medium trust, then it's recommended to clear your \Plugins\bin\ directory

Configuring the plugin

Click the configure button on the plugin.

You will come to the configuration page.

Machine generated alternative text:Configure - Feeto Integration (back to widget list) e Current Licence: e Licence Key: e FeefoXML Uri. e Feefo Image url. e Feefo Reviews url. e No. of reviews on Home Page: e No. of reviews on Products: e No. of reviews on Categories: e Feefo FTP URL: e Feefo FTP username: e Feefo FTP Password: e Feefo Suppliers Logom Licensed Host: ogo 10

You'll find that some of the inputs are already filled in. These are the default values for Feefo.

Firstly you'll need to fill in the licence key to activate the plugin. We would have sent you the licence key separately.

The licenced host will change to your url if the key is successful.

The ID is your Feefo account ID eg. dynamics-consultants

The FTP inputs are used to upload order details to Feefo, so that reviews can be sent out by Feefo.

The FTP details are the details you used when setting up your ftp configuration in Feefo.

Machine generated alternative text:Save Changes

How to use DC Feefo

Feefo Product Reference Override

By default the Product Reference Override is set to the SKU.

The Product Reference Override allows you to override the reviews for that product, If you change the SKU of your product from 'ABC123' to 'XYZ789' you can still get reviews for 'XYZ789' by using the product override to receive the reviews from 'ABC123'

This can be done by going to a product and navigating to the Feefo Tab.

Machine generated alternative text:Product Info SEO Pictures Category mappings Ma nufacturer mappings Specification attributes Product attributes Tier prices e Feefo Product Reference Override (uppercase Product name will be used if blank): Product Al


The XYZ789 will now receive the reviews from ABC123

Add to feefo

The Add To Feefo button submits an order to feefo, for it to then be sent to the customer.

If you navigate to an order and then the 'Add to Feefo' tab you can submit the order to Feefo.

Machine generated alternative text:Info Billing info Shipping info Products Status This Order has notyetbeen submitted Submit this Order to Feefo Order notes Add To Feefo

The order will be added to the database and the scheduled task will then pick up that order and send it to Feefo.

The status of the order will change depending on how far along the process is.

Machine generated alternative text:Info Billing info Shipping info Products Order notes Add To Feefo Status This Order has been submitted but notyet uploaded to feefo oate submitted 5/26/2016 PM

Machine generated alternative text:Info Billing info Shipping info Products Order notes Add To Feefo Status Oate Submitted Oate Uploaded This Order has been uploaded 5/26/2016 PM 5/26/2016 32145 PM

Scheduled task

The scheduled task looks for all orders that you have submitted to send to feefo,

The scheduled task then picks them up and sends the orders to Feefo's FTP.

Feefo then sends out emails to your customers asking for feedback

Product reviews

Reviews are displayed in widget zones.

Reviews in the product detail pages are reviews based on that product.

Machine generated alternative text:Product Reviews Service - Excellent O O Service - Poor e Great product which eliminates the clutter ot a kettle poor and tilter jug on work tops. Easy to tit Read More Read More 4 months ago 4 months ago Service - Excellent O O Service - Excellent O O Excellent product, purchased atter a large national Does all you expect, easy to install kitchen supplier let us down. Read More Read More 10 months ago 8 months ago Excellent Service - Excellent O O Read More 5 months ago

There is a review overview featured on the page which gives a star rating of the reviews. This is also featured in a product overview box.

Machine generated alternative text:E2500 ADD TO CART

Machine generated alternative text:eligible products. (5 reviews) Mew All Reviews Recipient's Name:

Grouped Product Reviews

For a grouped product, we get all of the reviews that belong to the associated products of the parent.

We display these all together on the page and also calculate the review overview based on the value of the associated products.



Service reviews

The service reviews are shown on the homepage.

They represent reviews of the company as a whole.

Machine generated alternative text:Service - Good O very good Read More yesterday Service - Excellent O O Would use again no problem Great service Read More yesterday Service Reviews Service - Excellent O O Prompt service. Excellent product The product was delivered within a day ot ordering. very impressive. It was exactly as ordered. I would certainly use Kitchen Sinks and Taps again Read More yesterday Service - Excellent O O Quick delivery Read More 2 days ago Service - Excellent O O All singing all dancing kitchen! Speedy delivery as advertised. Items now in use tor 3 months and looking great" Read More yesterday

Widget Zones

We have created some custom widget zones to place the Feefo widgets around the page.

These widget zones are: 

  • feefo_producttemplate_reviewoverview
  • feefo_producttemplate_reviews
  • feefo_servicereviews
  • feefo_productbox_reviews
  • feefo_serviceimage

If you are using the default theme for nopCommerce, we have provided updated views that already include this extra code. You will find these views in the themes folder of the downloaded plugin.

The Feefo Plugin is widget based, so you only need to call a widget where you would like the plugin to be shown.

(In Green is what we have added, this is the code you will have to add to your views)

Feefo Product Template Review Overview - Example


   @if (!String.IsNullOrEmpty(Model.ShortDescription))
       <div class="short-description">
   @Html.Widget("productdetails_overview_top", Model.Id)
   <!--product reviews-->
   @Html.Partial("_ProductReviewOverview", Model.ProductReviewOverview)
   @Html.Widget("feefo_producttemplate_reviewoverview", Model.Id)
   @Html.Partial("_ProductManufacturers", Model.ProductManufacturers)
   @Html.Partial("_Availability", Model)
   <!--SKU, MAN, GTIN, vendor-->
   @Html.Partial("_SKU_Man_GTIN_Ven", Model)
   @Html.Partial("_DeliveryInfo", Model)
   <!--sample download-->
   @Html.Partial("_DownloadSample", Model)

Feefo Product Template Review - Example


   @Html.Widget("productdetails_before_collateral", Model.Id)
   <div class="product-collateral">
      @Html.Partial("_ProductSpecifications", Model.ProductSpecifications)
      @Html.Partial("_ProductTags", Model.ProductTags)

      @Html.Widget("feefo_producttemplate_reviews", Model.Id)
   @Html.Action("ProductsAlsoPurchased", "Product", new { productId = Model.Id })
   @Html.Action("RelatedProducts", "Product", new { productId = Model.Id })

Feefo Product Grouped Template Review - Example


@foreach (var variant in Model.AssociatedProducts)
       <div class="product-variant-line" data-productid="@variant.Id">
       @if (!String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(variant.DefaultPictureModel.ImageUrl))
            <div class="variant-picture">
               <img alt="@variant.DefaultPictureModel.AlternateText" src="@variant.DefaultPictureModel.ImageUrl"
                 title="@variant.DefaultPictureModel.Title" id="main-product-img-@variant.Id"/>
           <div class="variant-overview">
           @if (!String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(variant.Name))
              <div class="variant-name">

             @Html.Widget("feefo_producttemplate_reviewoverview", variant.Id)

             @if (!String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(variant.ShortDescription))
               <div class="variant-description">

Feefo Service Reviews - Example


   @Html.Action("HomePageNews", "News")
   @Html.Action("HomePagePolls", "Poll")

Feefo Product Box Reviews - Example


   @if (Model.ReviewOverviewModel.AllowCustomerReviews)
        int ratingPercent = 0;
        if (Model.ReviewOverviewModel.TotalReviews != 0)
            ratingPercent = ((Model.ReviewOverviewModel.RatingSum * 100) / Model.ReviewOverviewModel.TotalReviews) / 5;
         <div class="product-rating-box" title="@string.Format(T("Reviews.TotalReviews").Text, Model.ReviewOverviewModel.TotalReviews)">
             <div class="rating">
                 <div style="width: @(ratingPercent)%">
          var url = Url.RouteUrl("Product", new { SeName = Model.SeName });
      @Html.Widget("feefo_productbox_reviews", string.Format("{0}|{1}", Model.Id, url))
      <div class="description">
  • {0} = ID of the product
  • {1} = URL of the Product Detail Page

Feefo Service Image - Example


              @if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(Model.GooglePlusLink))
                   <li class="google-plus"><a href="@Model.GooglePlusLink" target="_blank">@T("Footer.FollowUs.GooglePlus")</a></li>
   @Html.Action("NewsletterBox", "Newsletter")


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