Tom Hogben

Business Solutions Consultant
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About Tom Hogben

Tom has an extensive background in customer service and management. Having joined DC in November 2014 as the Marketing Manager, he soon increased his responsibilities to working with our customers more directly. Although he is fairly new to NAV, he has quickly picked up how to match customer needs to solutions in ERP. 

Tom's Skills

With a strong customer focus, Tom is fantastic at helping companies who are new to fully featured business management software.

He has been implementing new installs of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Business Edition), as well as running our Fast Financials Implementations. This usually involves the use of RapidStart functionality, and Tom is now our go to consultant in this area.

Tom helps a lot of our customers by processing any requests for change they may submit. These are usually pain points and can be anything from a new field being needed on a page, to a full integration piece with a third-party software. As our customers use all areas of the system, this has allowed Tom to gain knowledge or Tom has a broad knowledge of the system.

Tom often runs our Introduction and Finance Basics scheduled training courses and has a passion for showing people how to personalise their user experience. This is particularly true for Role Centres, where he believes only the most important information for YOU should be displayed. He also has a penchant for charts, which he regularly makes and adds to his own Role Centre.

Outside of the Office

In his spare time, you will find Tom either in a nice restaurant or cooking up a treat, or if the weather allows, pottering in the garden whilst being distracted by the chickens!

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