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Human Resource Management

How can Microsoft Dynamics NAV support your Human Resource Management (HRM)?

Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables your people to take control of demanding Human Resources (HR) processes to ensure accuracy and meet increasingly complex compliance, regulatory, and reporting requirements. Through the integration of core functions, critical data is available to your Human Resource department immediately, where and when they need it. Tight security features and role-tailored access help to ensure that sensitive information is delivered only to the right, approved people.

Automated time-and-attendance systems have become a cornerstone for effective human resource planning. Microsoft Dynamics NAV supports all areas of HR service provision and helps improve productivity and reduce human error by eliminating manual data, tracking, and calculations, without adding to your overhead. It empowers Human Resource employees to maximize efficiency and reduce costs through the automation of routine tasks.

With flexible reporting options enabled by fully integrated data sharing, Microsoft Dynamics NAV delivers strategic information on demand to help you identify trends, comply with mandated programs, and track expenses for internal reporting, budgeting, and compliance. This information enables you to strategically plan and manage your Human Resource budget and to provide personnel management, reporting, services, and other organizational support in a cost-effective manner.

Save time, empower your employees and maximise your productivity

Automating employee data empowers your HR staff with the visibility they need to make faster, more informed organizational decisions on critical matters such as on-boarding and off-boarding workers, as well as benefit management. The integrated systems of Microsoft Dynamics NAV enable quick and convenient transformation of HR data into useful information to help you minimize risks and maximize productivity.

The HR solutions in Microsoft Dynamics NAV adjust to the way you work to help you efficiently manage the unique needs of your organization. These innovative tools facilitate effective communication with your staff and create better services and programs for your employees.

The customizable schedules, pay rates, and hiring process functionality within Microsoft Dynamics NAV fit smoothly with your existing systems and work like and with other Microsoft products, so your employees and managers can adopt the solution quickly.

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