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DC080 - Sales and Purchase Order Training in Business Central


Sales Order Processing (SOP)

For companies to survive, you must keep customers happy. Therefore, a quick and accurate response to inquiries, such as the price of a product or the expected delivery date of a shipment, is important to the sales process. So, too, is the capacity to reserve inventory for a customer.

This course covers all the major steps involved with Sales Order Processing in Business Central, from sales pricing and discounts, how to process and invoice an order and also how to manage returns, all from within NAV. We will cover the impact all of this has on your Chart of Accounts, and close the process by examining what to do when you receive the funds for the invoiced amounts.

Purchase Order Processing (POP)

Timely purchases that are made at the best price improve a company’s inventory management, reduce costs, and have a direct effect on the company’s ability to satisfy their customers.

This course covers all the major steps involved with Purchase Order Processing in Business Central, from setting up purchase pricing and discounts, creating and posting a quote, then an order, and finally an invoice. We will show you how to manage vendor prepayments and see how the "suggest vendor payments function" works for payment journals and how to process item charges. Then we will look at processing returns to a vendor.

We will take a look at the Requisition Worksheet. This functionality allows you to calculate a plan that determines which items to order, the quantities required and when to order them, based on sales orders and stock levels.

Course Overview

The following is a list of the subjects covered in the course.

  • Sales Order Management
    • Manage Sales Transactions
    • Prepayments
    • Deferrals
    • Posting Orders
    • Drop Shipments/Special Orders
  • Sales Prices and Discounts
    • Sales Prices
    • Sales Line Discounts
    • Invoice Discounts
  • Returns Management
    • Setup
    • Managing Customer Returns
  • Purchase Order Management
    • Set Up Purchase Order Management
    • Purchase Quote/Order
    • Purchase Prices and Discounts
    • Invoice and Line Discounts
    • Vendor Prepayments
    • Suggest Vendor Payments
  • Item Charges
    • Item Charge Setup
    • Purchase Item Charges
  • Returns Management
    • Manage Vendor Returns



This course is applicable to those with a basic understanding of Business Central or recent versions of Dynamics NAV. Preferably you should have been on course DC010 - Introduction to Business Central, but this is not mandatory.


Our scheduled training courses are £250.00 per person per day. If you are coming to our site, parking and refreshments will be provided.

Terms & Conditions

For details on what to expect, dress code and general terms and conditions, please see our standard training T&Cs.

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