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Dynamics NAV Add-on ROI Calculator

Dynamics NAV Add-on ROI Calculator

Get a Fast Return on Investment with Microsoft Dynamics® NAV Add-Ons

The Dynamics Communication Suite is a Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft’s business management software for small and medium businesses. Designed with flexibility in mind, Dynamics NAV allows experienced developers to provide repeatable solutions to improve the user experience.

Our Communication Suite of Add-ons allows for improved automation with computer telephony integration, drag and drop of documents, automatic document filing and archiving and electronic document sending of NAV documents.

Document Receiving Fact BoxDocument Receiving Fact Box

How Much Value is there to the Business?

The most difficult part of buying for a business is differentiating between a “nice to have” and something that actually has business value. Our customers have given us feedback saying how much valuable time and money that our solutions have saved, as well as improving customer service. That is why we have created Return on Investment (RoI) calculators for each module of our communication suite. Click on the product that you are interested in to see how much time and money you can save:

Dynamics Telephone Integration >

Dynamics Document Sending >

Dynamics Document Receiving >

RoI Calculator

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