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SharePoint 2013 Outlook Calendar Integration

SharePoint 2013 Outlook Calendar Integration

Microsoft SharePoint® 2013 Calendar Integration with Microsoft Outlook®

Two way SharePoint and Outlook calendar integration is still a great feature with SharePoint 2013. The feature has been around in a previous version of SharePoint, but I thought it was worth re-visiting it briefly for any new adopters of SharePoint 2013.

To connect your SharePoint 2013 calendar to Outlook (in this example I am connecting to Outlook 2010) all you have to do is click the ‘Connect to Outlook’ button in the Calendar ribbon.

SharePoint 2013 Connect to Outlook

You will then be prompted by Internet Explorer to allow the connection.

Outlook Security Warning

Click ‘Allow’. Then Outlook will ask you to confirm the connection too.

SharePoint 2013 to Oulook Connection Confirmation

Click ‘Yes’. Outlook will then present the SharePoint 2013 calendar just like any other outlook calendar.

You can now work with the calendar from either Outlook or SharePoint and all your changes will be automatically synchronised between the two. For example, add an appointment in Outlook...

Outlook Calendar

...and it will automatically appear in the SharePoint calendar.

SharePoint Calendar

Likewise, any changes you or anyone else makes to the calendar from SharePoint will appear back in Outlook.

By connecting your SharePoint 2013 calendars to Outlook you can use the familiar and powerful Outlook calendar tools for keeping your calendar up to date. You can also view a SharePoint calendar side by side with an Outlook calendar or view it as an overlay. You can even copy events among SharePoint and Outlook calendars, without leaving Outlook.

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