Tanya Denton

Senior Business Solutions Consultant
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About Tanya Denton

Tanya is the company's Microsoft 365 and Online Services specialist, providing support for existing customers and project managing new installations. From training on Power BI to setup on Microsoft 365, Tanya is experienced in working both as a customer as well as an external consultant.  

“With careful planning at the beginning of a new install, Microsoft 365 will continue to grow with your business”.

Tanya's Skills

In her role as Information Services Development Manager at the RYA, Tanya looked after the internal SharePoint solution and was also an administrator and end user of Dynamics NAV. This has given her a unique view of the system, from a customer’s perspective, leading her to fully understand integrated systems and how to start projects for seamless growth.

Outside of the Office

It seems like Tanya is rarely not working, even outside of the office! However, in her spare time she walks her beautiful German Shepherd.

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