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Manage Your Projects

Microsoft Dynamics® 365 Business Central allows you to manage projects with jobs so that you can keep track of tasks and planning dates with budget and actual costs recorded against the lines. Manage each phase of your project with flexible planning, budgeting, and accounting capabilities that help ensure business success every step of the way. Project Management in Business Central provides a single view of current and planned projects so you can understand the true costs of your projects and get an accurate and detailed view of profitability.

  • Manage projects from a task and financial basis
  • Task management
  • Manage job costs and risks
  • Copy projects to save setup time


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central allows you to set up job tasks easily and include an itemised list for each task that describes expected consumption of items, resources, and other costs. You can link detailed planning and invoicing information to each task.

Allow your staff to create, manage and track projects using job costing and time sheets. With helpful reporting and flexible budgets, you can make sure that projects are delivered on time whilst maximising profitability.

Plan and manage resources based on capacity, utilising data from orders and quotes, so that you can maximise productivity and customer satisfaction.

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