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Financial Management in Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a full range of accounting tools to help you manage your business. Whether you are a business owner doing your own accounts, you employ and accounting team or you use an external accountant, managing your finances couldn’t be easier. With a centralised chart of accounts, all transactions automatically update the financial system, balancing the books and keeping a record for reporting.

  • Chart of Accounts and Journals
  • Ordering and Invoicing
  • Double Entry Accounting

Dimensional Analysis

Dimensions in Business Central allow you to analyze business transactions. For example, how to track sales revenue per geographical area or customer segment, or track expenses per department, and more.

Posting Groups

Posting groups help ensure that transactions are posted to the correct accounts in the general ledger. 

  • Make accounting less complex with posting groups
  • Direct Posting to general ledger


Business Central Excel Integration

Connect Business Central with Excel, and then use the analysis tools to analyze your business data.

  • Connect Excel and refresh data as you require
  • Create charts and pivot tables in NAV
  • Update records in Excel and publish back to Business Central

If you would like to find out more, see our training course. 


A full finance solution

With connected data across the business, you can chart financial performance in real time with built-in reporting and integrated Power BI dashboards.

With budgets and dimensional analysis, you can get improved forecast accuracy.

Automatically reconcile streamlined receivables and payables accounts so that you can close and report quickly and accurately.

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