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DC390 Introduction to CSIDE Training


Microsoft Dynamics® NAV is designed to be flexible to customer requirements. With its own development environment, highly trained Developers are able to make modifications quickly and simply. This course is ideal for trainee developers or IT managers who are new to the C/SIDE environment, providing an introduction and a basic ability for modifying simple objects in NAV.

Course Overview

The following is a list of the subjects covered in the course.

  • The Development Environment
    • Object Designer Fundamentals
    • Properties and Triggers
  • Tables
    • Table Description and Properties
    • Table Relationships
    • Database Schema Synchronization
  • Pages
    • Page Properties
    • Page Designer
    • Page Types and Characteristics
  • Introduction to C/AL Programming
    • Intrinsic Data Types
    • Identifiers, Variables and Syntax
  • Assignment Statements and Expressions
    • Automatic Type Conversions
    • The String Operator
    • Functions and Expressions
  • C/AL Statements
    • Conditional Statements and Boolean expressions
    • Arrays
    • Repetitive Statements
  • C/AL Functions
    • Functions and Parameters
    • Working with Fields
  • Reports
    • Report Design Process
    • Layout, Grouping and Totalling
  • XML Ports
    • Design XML Ports
    • Multiple Namespaces
    • Importing and Exporting Plain Text
  • Code Units
    • Fundamentals
    • SMTP
  • Microsoft .net Framework Interoperability
    • The DotNet Data Type
    • Camera and Location
    • .NET Framework Interoperability C/AL Functions
  • Queries
    • Query Design
    • Accessing Queries from C/AL


This course is suited to people with a working knowledge of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV and a strong technical IT background.


This course runs over 3 days at a cost of £2100.00 per person. If you are coming to our site, parking and refreshments will be provided.

Terms & Conditions

For details on what to expect, dress code and general terms and conditions, please see our standard training T&Cs.

Terms & Conditions

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