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DC030 - Dates In NAV Training Course

Understanding Dates in Dynamics NAV


Dates are an integral part for any business. Cash flow depends on it, and can make all the difference between being in profit or at a loss at the end of a month.

In Microsoft Dynamics® NAV, there are many shortcuts and formulas you can use to get dates to work for you. From instructing a recurring journal how frequently you want it to occur, to specifying the grace period between a due date for a payment and when you send a chase up reminder. The Dates in NAV course will also look at how dates affect purchasing, inventory, warehousing and manufacturing to keep the supply chain going, and ultimately how this affects delivery to the customer.

By using date formulas you can streamline your processes, saving you time and allowing you to get on with other important tasks. 


This course is applicable to people dealing with Purchase Order Processing, Sales Order Processing and Production Planning. Good working knowledge of NAV is essential. The course will be conducted in NAV 2017.


This is a 2 hour webinar priced at £99 per person. 

Course Overview

The following is a list of the subjects covered in the course.

  • General Date Related Functionality
    • Date Formulas
    • Entering Dates
    • Work Date
  • Demand Overview Screen
  • What Influences Demand & Supply
    • SOP Dates
    • POP Dates
    • Transfer Dates
    • Prod Order Dates
    • Service Order Dates
  • Demand Overview Screen
  • A bit of Setup

Terms & Conditions

For details on what to expect, dress code and general terms and conditions, please see our standard training T&Cs.

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