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Reward Scheme Terms

  • The Customer Partnership Rewards Scheme will provide a fund calculated at a 5% rate of the annual NAV/BC Support spend plus 2% of ad-hoc spend over the 12 months prior to your renewal quote being issued. To qualify, invoices must be raised within the period and paid according to the agreed terms. We will also be rewarding customers who provide referrals, references and case studies.
  • The Customer Partnership Rewards Scheme is offered at Dynamics Consultants Ltd's discretion and may be withdrawn in subsequent years.
  • The Customer Partnership Rewards Scheme fund is only redeemable whilst up to date with annual support and enhancement.
  • The Customer Partnership Rewards Scheme can be used for no other products or services than those mentioned for the Rewards scheme.
  • Dynamics Consultants Ltd reserves the right to change the allowed products and services from time to time without notice.
  • The Customer Partnership Rewards Scheme fund needs to be used within the 12 month period following the one in which it was earned.
  • The Customer Partnership Rewards Scheme fund may, at Dynamics Consultants ltd's discretion, be carried forward for a further year providing that an order is placed to use the fund with a month of it expiring.
  • Customers can add consultancy and development time into their annual contract for it to qualify against a future discount.
  • The Customer Partnership Rewards Scheme fund cannot be exchanged for a credit against your account.
  • Only available to customers, not end users/partners etc. and;
  • All invoices need to be paid within the invoice terms (some leniency will be available and;
  • Must be on Enhancement/Business Central and renewal invoices must be paid 10 working days before renewal and;
  • Need to have a NAV / BC support contract (excludes third party add-ons, NOP, O365, Azure, DC add-ons).

If you want to find out more about our Customer Partnership Rewards Scheme, please contact us.

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