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Business Central Has a Breakthrough Year in 2021

Business Central Has a Breakthrough Year in 2021

Business Central is Microsoft’s market leading ERP for mid-sized businesses. These days, organizations looking for a new ERP solution can choose from an extensive offering. In today’s super competitive and increasingly digital world no organisation can afford mistakes in their selection process; after all, you buy and implement this type of solution to last a long time. This makes it even more important to choose a solution with a promising future – a product that will stand the test of time. Business Central has shown itself to be that solution.

Business Central in 2021

Business Central has had a successful few years since it’s release in 2018 – a rebrand and remodel of Dynamics NAV. So, let’s have a look at an overview of the progress that Microsoft made in the year 2021 with Business Central. Here are some of the most striking aspects of the market acceptance, growth and outlook:

  • Microsoft reported a spectacular growth of the number of Business Central customers from 11,000 at the start of the year to over 22,000 at the year-end. That’s 100% growth!
  • Growth potential also depends on availability. Business Central is available now in 69 localised versions all around the world. And that is an increase of 40% compared with the start of the year, highlighting Microsoft’s investment of the product as a global player.
  • Business Central is a “generic” solution that is made suitable for customers by adding setup, development and also any of a number of industry-oriented partner solutions. These solutions are called extensions. In 2021, the number of extensions showcased in AppSource grew by 32% to over 1,850.
  • Business Central is exclusively sold and implemented by Microsoft partners. In 2021, the number of active selling partners grew by no less than 65% to over 3,500.
  • Microsoft started a project in 2021 to make Business Central implementations both faster, easier and cheaper. This will help to ensure the growth of the product in the marketplace.

Bold ambitions for the future

Another important milestone in 2021 was Microsoft’s declaration of her bold ambitions. The company stated that it wants Business Central to become the best and the safest ERP solution of the world for small and medium companies.

Today’s business world depends more and more on proper data, provided by modern, innovative and user-friendly ERP solutions. Organisations that continue to deploy outdated systems based on traditional business processes run an increasing risk of getting harmed in a number of ways; financially, customer satisfaction and security.

Business Central for your business

If you are considering modernizing your current ERP solution in 2022, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central certainly deserves a serious position on your shortlist. Talk to Dynamics Consultants, experts in helping companies with their Business Central and business software journeys.

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