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Why digital transformation calls for more than just technology

Why digital transformation calls for more than just technology

Digital transformation is mostly thought of as a technological advancement; often with little thought given to a technology’s ability to improve the overall business functions. As well as the implementation of a single piece of software like ERP or CRM, digital transformation should be the process of completely digitizing your business processes, improving your way of operating and even your mindset.

Digital transformation gives your company the opportunity to reshape the whole organization, modernize the business processes and how your employees work together. This can lead to improving your products and services and put your customers as the central focus of everything you do.   

Digital transformation and focussing on the customer 

Why is the digital transformation mindset important? In today’s world, customers have the ultimate power. The transparency of the internet gives them the possibility to switch to an alternative vendor and research new solutionsThese modern customers also have huge expectations regarding topics like pro-activity, transparency, speed, clarity and quality. The pressure to provide good customer experience is even higher as any mistake or bad experience can be quickly communicated to the public via social media and review websites.  

For all companies who are putting their customers, prospects, members or citizens at the heart of the organization, modernizing business processes and brushing up internal mindsets is nothing less than a crucial move to secure a healthy future! Your journey into digital transformation is the perfect time to review your business and should be a key part to implementing a new system. 

Where Digital Transformation Fails 

Many people think that it is the software or the provider that causes the a failed digital transformation project. However, the number one fail factor is transferring all your existing business processes, the outdated reports, the crude data and the old way of thinking to a modern, all-encompassing view. Continuing to use your old processes and traditional mindset after embracing digital is the equivalent of keeping old wine in new bottles. Companies that choose to just replace the software run the risk of losing time, budget, energy and momentum.  

Success in digital transformation projects starts in the boardroom and not in your IT department!  

Making Digital Transformation a Success 

Some of the crucial elements for achieving transformation success are a clear vision, true management engagement, time and budget for organizational change and good communication.    

If you have the impression that digital transformation is just another IT project”, then it is high time to take action. Seek inspiration. Read books. Attend workshops. And make sure that your top level management is fully involved!  

After all, it is better to gain these insights before the project starts than once the project has failed.  

A Project with Dynamics Consultants 

As part of working with Dynamics Consultants, we will encourage you to discuss the improvements in your business, how you currently work and how you would like to operate. We do not believe in replacing your old system like for like; otherwise, why bother?  

If you would like to talk about how you could transform your business, please contact the team.

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