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Setting up Business Central Currency Exchange Rate Service

Setting up Business Central Currency Exchange Rate Service

Set up the Currency Exchange Rate Service in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central to make sure you have the latest exchange rates on your system. Buying and selling from and to overseas can be considerably affected by exchange rates; the cost from your suppliers or your sale price can affect your profitability and competitiveness. Having the tools in place to update your software system so that your team is running accurate data is vital to make sure that you are remaining profitable.

Setting up the Currency Exchange Rate Service

In this blog we will be using Float Rates that is an online free service available to use without an account. Other services are available.

How to Set up the Currency Exchange Rate Service in Business Central

  1. Search for Currency Exchange Rate Services and select the link.

  2. Select the New button from the ribbon to open a new page to create the connection to the service you would like to use.

  3. In the General tab, enter the code name for the service you have decided to use followed by the description of the service. We will not enable the service at this point.

  4. In the Service tab, copy the URL for the service into the Service URL field. In our example we are using the GBP feed but this can be amended to use other currencies such as EUR or USD, simply change GBP.xml to the relevant currency.
    business central float rates

  5. In the Field mapping section you will need to map the fields from your file to the currency exchange rates table as shown below.
    business central field mapping exchange rates

  6. For the Starting Date you will need to create a Transformation rule to transform the date into the correct format. To do this, click on the drop down in the Transformation Rule column on the Starting Date Line.  Select New to open a new card. Complete the fields as detailed below and press ok

    business central UK date formatting
  7. Now the required fields are complete, you can view the data by selecting the Preview button in the ribbon. Return to the General Tab and enable the service.  A box will appear to advise a job queue entry has been created and would you like to view.
    Business Central Job Queue Entries window

  8. If you select yes, you can view the job queue entries page.  On this page you have the option to change the recurrence of the job. You will need to place the job on hold to make any changes and return status to Ready once changes complete.
    Currency Exchange Rates Business Central

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