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Bowling Team social

A good selection of the DC team at the social in Eastleigh

At Dynamics Consultants the social aspect is important - we work better as a team if we all get on well! This is why we hold regular social events; Stuart and I were up for doing a spot of bowling in Eastleigh! 

It is not the first time that the company has been down to the Swan Centre in Eastleigh, however it has been a few years since we last got our clown showes on!





For those of you who are interested in how we got on, here are the results!

Round 1

Jeremy 159
Darrell 120
Stu 119
Tombo 117
Tommy 110
Grace 89
David 89
Jesse 87
Nameyka 72


Round 2

Tombo 136
Jesse 122
Tommy 122
Darrell 121
Stu 110
David 107
Grace 97
Nameyka 96
Jeremy 85


Total Score Results

Tombo 253
Jeremy 244
Darrell 241
Tommy 232
Stu 229
David 196
Jesse 194
Grace 186
Nameyka 183


Jesse Lawrence

Jesse is our marketing manager, keeping an eye on the latest news in the market as well as having worked on the GDPR legislation. 

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