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Make Your Role Centre Work For You

Make Your Role Centre Work For You

Customise Your Role Centre

There are a few organisational things which you can do in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 (and earlier versions) to make your work easier and make your role centre more practical to how you work and these screen re-organisations are all achieved at user level.

These changes include the display of information on your own unique role centre, e.g. you can change how the different panes are displayed on your screen. By clicking on the lines alongside each pane until the double ended arrow is displayed and then dragging the line, it is possible to vary the size of each pane, either making them smaller or larger to suit.

The result:

A customised role centre

Another way to customise your screen display is to change the information displayed in a pane, by either adding or removing columns. This can be achieved by right clicking on any header and selecting Choose Columns. It is also possible to change the order that the columns are displayed in.

Add, Remove or Reorganise InformationAdd, Remove or Reorganise Information

The result:

Customised Information

In addition, it is also possible to customise each individual header height on your role centre by right clicking on a header and selecting from the Number of Lines in Header. This can be useful if there is a large amount of information to read in the Header.

Customising a header

The result:

Customised header

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