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Microsoft's "Directions" EMEA Conference - LIVE UPDATES

Microsoft's "Directions" EMEA Conference - LIVE UPDATES

We're here in Mannheim, Germany for the 2015 "DIRECTIONS EMEA" conference, bringing you the most up to date information on new releases, functionality and compatibility from the world of Microsoft Dynamics NAV! Directions is a Microsoft supported partner event - the largest gathering of partners in Europe. This marks the release of the latest version of NAV and the details of the new functionality.

NAV 2016 - Available Now!!

It has just been announced that NAV 2016 is available now! More information will follow shortly.


Andy Trayfoot, our warehouse and manufacturing specialist has just emailed saying that Workflows are in NAV 2016.

This is a new addition to NAV that is going to speed up a lot of processes. Essentially it's "if this then do that" functionality that utilises to-do's and sends instructions to people when triggers are activated.

Posting Preview

Dave Curd, our head of support, wants everyone to know that with Posting Preview, you will be able to see what entries will be created, before you actually post a document. For example when posting an invoice it will tell you what General Ledger entries will be affected, with a breakdown of the amounts going to them! This is going to be a very handy tool for small businesses that don't necessarily have a finance department so will be able to check what they are posting before it gets sent!


The new functionality in NAV 2016 is in the starter pack, so all the things we’re talking about on here is available to everyone!

BIG NEWS Microsoft have allowed limited users greater usability on perpetual licenses and will now have access to 159 tables! More details to follow on this.


Microsoft are repeating their Give Me 5 + offer as of today (6th October) until 31st Dec. More details will follow shortly once we have the terms and conditions but you can see here what was involved in the offer last year HERE. *Please be aware this is for example purposes and the offers coming live may not be the same as previous years*

Tom Jenkins

Tom Jenkins is the Managing Director at Dynamics Consultants. As well as having a strong product knowledge, his strategic knowledge of industry and the business landscape helps him to provide thought leadership to a range of vertical sectors. 

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