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Fast Financials Pricing


If you have had no previous experience of implementing an ERP system, working out the upfront pricing and through life cost can be extremely difficult. We prefer to be upfront about the costs so that you know exactly what is involved. This pricing calculator is for our "boxed" solution of Dynamics NAV, Fast Financials, which gives you the full Starter Pack licence for NAV with a templated install. Because the Fast Financial solution has a large amount of set-up pre-configured, many of the costs of implementation are dramatically reduced. Please note that due to this pre set-up this calculator should not be used for engineered to order style projects. 



There are two licence models for Dynamics NAV, Perpetual and Subscription.

  • Perpetual - the perpetual licence model is an up-front cost with a yearly enhancement fee. The first 3 users are included in the base licence and all users are on a concurrentbasis.
  • Subscription - the subscription licence model is a monthly rental fee (billed up-front quaterly) on a per-user basis. Users are named users and can be increased and decreased on a monthly basis (please note that the minimum number of users is the number you start the contract with). 

Our services are priced independently to the licence fees. We offer either payment up-front or a fee on a monthly basis (billed monthly up-front) paid over a flexible period (subject to credit checks and approval). 

Pricing coming soon!

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